September 22, 2013

The following poem is in response to a lecture “The Brain, the Mind, and Meditation” hosted by New York University and sponsored by the Emotional Brain Institute. Radio host Judith Regan moderated a dialogue between neuroscientist Richard Davidson and Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman. The lecture  ended with Thurman leading the audience in a meditation.

Buddhist Lecturer: The Next Day – The Art of War

You told me to think of everyone in the room
As my mother, so I did, and felt deeply moved
As I believe many other people in the room did,
Yet your lack of cynicism did not bode well
For me in the world of realpolitik, my friend–
Good exercise to determine one’s protagonists.

October 6, 2013

Outlook got more optimistic as meditation continued…

Buddhist Lecturer: Ten Days Later – My Birthday

Everybody must be welcomed in!
People I love, like, feel lukewarm about,
people I’m scared of, who I wished didn’t live,
those who I revere and make my head spin,
those who don’t speak up when they should,
confuse fool’s gold for real gold
in my mind’s estimation…the vast amount
never met, read about, or dreamed about,
the plant world, the animal world,
the stars, the universe, the weather too,
dead poets, relatives and friends.
Too bad: the cult of strife marred my attempt.
Worth the defeat to feel your presence,
To know you’re near me though you are absent.