In 2013, is introducing Ask a Question: Wheel of Fortune. Once a month the blog will function as an oracle. Its oracle format is inspired by the I Ching, Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese book of wisdom revered through the ages.

To consult the oracle, formulate a question, ask yourself it 6 times and then click on the Ask a Question: Wheel of Fortune post. The oracle post will include verse, a brief analysis of an arbitrary but crucial point in history, and a word definition related to the history. The history of the month will often discuss military history or a period of civil unrest, because whether we like it or not, a lot of community-level economic realities are informed by international and national security issues that bring mass populations into crisis overnight.

Sun Tzu, the author of the classic The Art of War knew the ultimate success of military strategy is to win the war before the war begins. In that spirit, sublime success in Ask a Question: Wheel of Fortune is to evoke the wise sage in each and ever one of us.’s question is how do we galvanize, to the best of our ability, the U.S. economy to alleviate poverty, i.e. allocate wealth in a sane and responsible manner, as well as prosper as a nation using nonviolent methods?

What is your question?



Q: Why do you ask yourself the question 6 times?
A: 1). To increase the power of concentration in order to connect energetically to the oracle’s response; 2). to honor the great oracle the I Ching with its six line hexagram system.

Q: What kind of questions should I ask?
A: Serious ones, important to you, or your loved ones. Examples: Will I make enough money to get my children through college? Should I invest recent company profits in product or staff development? How do I contribute to world peace working as a waiter in New York City?

Q: On what day of the month will the oracle be posted?
A: The first Monday of every month – or at least we’ll try to be on time!

Q: Should I expect an immediate answer to the question after reading the oracle’s response?
A: No, inspiration might come in a week or two, or even a year later, in a brief moment of clarity. The point of the oracle is to engage in a dialogue between the past, present and future in order to keep the mind active and alert.

Q: Can I read the oracle post without asking a question?
A: Sure, but we recommend asking a question for the fun of it.

Q: Are there really clairvoyant people?
A: No. In my opinion, seeing into the future is being aware of what aspects of the present we delegate, due to competing productive and destructive impulses, into a temporary oblivion. Anybody can do it.

Q: Do I have to be prepared with a question the first Monday of every month or can I come on anytime of the month?
A: Any day of the month after the first Monday will do. Just don’t peek!

Okay, ready? Let’s have some fun!

Ask a Question: Wheel of Fortune – Making a Circle from a Square, by Heather Waters 2013

Special thanks to the blog’s history consultant, Ian Barrenechea.